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Re: Tetris packages - need a less-trademarked name

>>>>> "Manong" == Manong Dibos <jwalther@citytel.net> writes:

    Manong> But if they are fresh to it, and JUST want to install a
    Manong> tetris like game, they'll go /tetris in dselect, nothing
    Manong> will come up, so bammo, they shrug and move on and never
    Manong> find it.

 How real is that?  It think they'll look under `games', and read the
descriptions that are so nicely presented (without having to press f1
for each and every one) and well written...

 Hey, is it legal to mention `Tetris' in the package description, iff
the fact that it is a registered trademark of some so-and-so's lawyer
is mentioned? ;-)

    Manong> Etc.  Its just kludgy and totally contrary to current
    Manong> practice.

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