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Re: Packages to go in 1.3.1r3 (Was: Debian Releases )


	I am in the process of releasing a version of kernel-package
 that I think is stable (the only thing people have come up with are a
 typo in a README file, and to preserve the time stamp of files during

	The only problem with including this in stable is that I
 explicitly depend on dpkg-dev (>=, since earlier versions
 have the dpkg-gencontrol bug.

	Even though the newer kernel packages have some nice features,
 and do fix one major bug (the text files in /lib/modules/* issue), as
 long as we do not also upload a fixed version of dpkg-dev, there is
 no point in moving kernel-package to stable, since it would still be
 impossible to compile kernel-image packages.

 busily correcting the README file
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