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Packages to go in 1.3.1r3 (Was: Debian Releases )

Guy Maor wrote:

> Fair enough.  Let's make a 1.3.1.r3 [1] release so that most of its
> contents move into bo.  Then I will change bo-updates to bo-untested.
> That will affect the mirrors as little as possible.
> Brian, you and I both go through the packages there and decide which
> packages should be installed, rejected, or require further testing (ie
> - remain in bo-testing).  Then we compare our lists and resolve any
> disagreements.  After that I'll make a release.

I have a last-minute request: can the dpkg, dpkg-dev and kernel-package
packages from hamm be included in 1.3.1r3? 

There seem to be problems with dpkg-gencontrol with the versions that
are currently in bo when building a kernel with kernel-package. I
upgraded these packages a month ago and they installed fine and solved
the problems. Recently I've read reports from other people running into
problems when make-kpkg'-ing on a 1.3.1 system.

If someone else could verifiy these packages, then they are tested by at
least two people and AFAIK that would make them eligible to move from
bo-updates/bo-untested/project/whatever to stable. 


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