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Re: Microsoft/Marimba/W3C Open Software Description (OSD)

Jason wrote:
> I was reading a description of this in.. umm.. I think it was a Windows NT
> Rag (Backoffice?).
> The artical was about something called CDL, Channel Definian Language, and
> it was a push tech based on XML designed to compete with Netscape's Point
> Caster. 
> The article didn't make any mention of installing software, but it would
> be the logical direction eh?

I think you are referring to CDF (Channel Definition Format).  I think the
thing with CDF is that it is designed to turn websites into "channels".
I think this OSD stuff was inspired by what Microsoft was doing with
their CDF stuff - but CDF doesn't really fit the bill for what Marimba
wants to do - so that's why we now have OSD.
> My question would be Why? We have a very nice pull system in place, having
> a server push the software to Debian users would be a waste of bandwidth?

Well, I haven't really seen a "push" system that actually pushes data (like
e-mail).  Most of them are really just "timed pull" systems.  It's just a
matter of semantics really.

I'm not particularily crazy about having "push" software.  I don't need
my software being upgraded to newer (probably buggy) versions without
my knowing it.

But I wouldn't mind having documentation updated automatically.  Or
a bug database.  Or a mailing list archive.  See how this might fit
nicely with my work on dwww?


 - Jim

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