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Re: Packaging system improvements

>  > > As to 1 (Keywords), they will be better addressed by a better
>  > > sectionning scheme (see <199707011849.UAA00558@bylbo.nowhere.earth> in
>  > > the "Sub-categorizing /usr/doc" thread)
>  >
>  > You cannot sub-categorize something efficiently in a single directory tree
>  > where there are multiple hierachies of categories.
> Agreed. That's why the refered mail suggested an extension to the e2fs
> driver to handle this very problem. Did you read it ? If you can't
> find it anymore, I can bounce it to the list.

I didn't see it.  My friends and I here have talked about what would be
a neat extension to a filesystem.  What you're talking about might be
something similar.

>  > What if you had an X11 editor specifically for development?  Where would
>  > you put it?
> Interface: X11
> MainFunctionnality: Editors
> UseLevel: Devel
> [Note that the "UseLevel:" idea comes from your challenging example :]
> I think there will only be a need for a few such fields; these 3 ones,
> and 'DistPolicy' field seem quite sufficient. Anyone has another such
> challenging example ?

Why is this extra level of complexity needed?  What does it accomplish?
I don't find "UseLevel" to mean anything at all.

There is no reason to make different entries for each thing unless the same
word could apply to each heading (which will not be the case).

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

        Premature optimization is the root of all evil.  -- Donald Knuth

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