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Re: Correct path for upgrading to libc6-dev?

On Jun 21, Mark Baker wrote
> For libg++, I'd wait until there's a libg++272 package, and install the
> development stuff from that; for ncurses there are libc6 versions of the
> library itself, I'm not sure about the development stuff but a
> force-depends seems to work (the header files aren't changed). I don't
> know about slang.

I uploaded S-lang last week:
libc5 compatibility:
ii  slang0.99.34    0.99.38-2.4    backward compatibility shared library for li
ii  slang0.99.34-de 0.99.38-2.4    S-Lang libc5 backward compatibility developm
libc6 versions:
ii  slang0.99.38    0.99.38-2.4    The S-Lang programming library, shared libra
ii  slang0.99.38-de 0.99.38-2.4    The S-Lang programming library, development 

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