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Re: Correct path for upgrading to libc6-dev?

> In article <y8ssoychlhs.fsf@imsa.edu>,
> 	Ben Gertzfield <che@imsa.edu> writes:
> >> You should certainly remove libdb-dev, since libc6-dev replaces it (as
> >> libc6 includes libdb.)  I haven't done a libdb-altdev, and unless
> >> someone asks probably won't bother (the libgdbm* packages are already
> >> uploaded though.) 
> > 
> > Oh, okay. Do you know anything about the others?
> For libg++, I'd wait until there's a libg++272 package, and install the
> development stuff from that;

It's sortof difficult to wait till May 18, as that's when 
libg++272 was released, along with libg++272-dev.

> for ncurses there are libc6 versions of the

Hell, ncurses was only uploaded one week ago or something, libg++272
is _much_ older!

(And, why do you call it libg++272, why not libg++27g, that's what
the standard tells us to use. I only chose libg++272 because
HJ Lu did that, and it doesn't seem to cause problems).

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org
#!/usr/bin/perl -sp0777i<X+d*lMLa^*lN%0]dsXx++lMlN/dsM0<j]dsj
$/=unpack('H*',$_);$_=`echo 16dio\U$k"SK$/SM$n\EsN0p[lN*1
#what's this? see http://www.dcs.ex.ac.uk/~aba/rsa/

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