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Bug in Boot-Disk Package?

I found a bug in the installation procedure on my Amiga, but the same
will probably happen on all systems.

When I try to partition the drive my root.bin is on during installation,
it pops up a requester asking to unmount / before starting fdisk on it.
After quitting fdisk it remounts /, but the installation routines
complain about / being read-only and nothing works anymore.

To reproduce this behavior on another system you need a spare partition
at least the size of the root.bin (e.g. the swap partition). Dump the
root.bin onto it and boot with it as root. Select the keyboard and then
fdisk it (be carefull not to change anything that might erase youre
data). Just quiting it again should do the trick. 
Before fdisk is started the installation routine will complain about the
root mounted from that drive and unmount it. After fdisk it will remount
it and you have the above bug.

Can somebody second this on another system or is it just my Amiga?

May the Source be with you.

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