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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

In article <m0wdJfz-000AHbC@eos>, David Frey <david@eos.lugs.ch> wrote:
>As several people already pointed out, the phone costs in Europe are rather 
>so that people like to use the transfer agent with the shortest connection 
>which is doubtless UUCP.
>But this requires an MTA which is capable of bang-paths in the envelope (i.e. 
>From /MAIL FROM: fields (depending whether you use rmail or rsmtp) [The From: 
>is nowadays of course a FQDN].

Most uucp mailers can also cope with domain addresses in the envelope. All
our systems have been running like this for years (sendmail uucp-dom mailer).

>exim should be able to parse simple bang-paths IMO (host!user), since most 
>UUCP paths
>are nowadays only one hop or two,or this deficiency should be
>documented in the package (Conflicts: uucp or something like that)

Please don't do this. Then it's impossible to use exim with uucp. I think
it's probably very easy to use exim with uucp; you just setup the
"pipe" mailer to run uux.

I've only briefly looked at exim (it runs on my personal workstation now)
but it should be easy enough.

Most uucp sites nowadays connect directly to an internet connected uucp
system, so the one-hop thing really is no problem in most cases. If it
is. they just have to use sendmail.

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