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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

> Exim doesn't provide UUCP capabilities *at all*, thus it is rather
> useless for sites that use UUCP (like me).

I expect that you will admit that UUCP sites are a minority.  I use UUCP, but 
I don't think that the majority of users who do not should be forced to use a 
cumbersome mail transfer agent because of that.

I think the default should be the easiest MTA to set up, and people who need 
extra functionality can install something else.  I've not used exim, but it 
sounds like the least hassle to set up for uncomplicated sites.

> Right now, I am using
> sendmail.  (What, BTW, is the reason for not using sendmail?)

The complexity of the code guarantees a continuing crop of security bugs.

The complexity of the configuration files (I know .mc m4 helps, but even so), 
means that it is easy to mis-configure.

It spends most of its time running as root.

It is unnecessarily large, because of the number of obsolescent features it 

More recent MTA's are much more efficient, so can handle larger volumes of 

I know it is difficult to decide to dump something with which it takes so long 
to become familiar (I know I just did it :) but I've been using sendmail for 
most of a decade,  I switched to qmail a couple of months ago, and after only 
that long would say that I am more confident that I can predict qmail's 
behavior than sendmail's.

Cheers, Phil.

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