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Re: Using CVS for package development

Sven Rudolph writes:
> Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:
> > great. since i meet other debian developers at the linux congress, i my
> > a big friend of a cvs server with all debian packages. does anyone have
> > a server with enough hard disks and a good conection to run it ?
> Some problems arise:
> Should this CVS repository be mandatory, i.e. does every Debian
> package have to be there?
> How much disk space will this take ? 

Don't seriously bother about disk space.  Debian has a fond of money
from which additional disks could be paid.  But a problem that I
see is that it would be good if we could have _some_ mirrored cvs
archives, i.e. there are a lot of european maintainer and it does
make sense if we have a master cvs server cvs.debian.org and a europe/
german secondary.  I don't know if and how we could arrange that uploads
reach the master, too.

> > also it would
> > help to coordinate updates (think of the menu package - this way we
> > could have send diffs direct to the maintainer).
> My favourite example ;-)

And everyone would be able to get an older version than the actual, too.
My favourite example: just after setting up an exchange system for
my server a friend of mine encountered that the new uucp package was
unusable, if I had installed it, the result would be horrorous (sp?).

> So I'll repeat this: IMHO Currently the overhead of fixing a bug and
> publishing the fixed version is too high. For unstable it would be
> enough to check-in the fix (e.g. an added menu file, a spelling-fix).
> Please note that the procedure for stable might be different.

Hmm, where is the change?  You still have to publish the fixed version,
haven't you?



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