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Using CVS for package development


	I would really like to get into using CVS for my package
 development tree, but I have been held back by the hassle of
 releasing packages. I have no problems testing packages with
 ./debian/rules binary
 and I always used dpkg-buildpackage for the last step, so I have
 written a script (cvs-buildpackage?) which exports things from CVS to
 a directory where I keep the upstream version files, and runs

	This was inspired by a script Lars Wirzenius wrote, I have
 just made it:
 a) require less input (it can parse the changelog file now), I just
    run it from my working directory.
 b) more robust, by using dpkg-parselog just like dpkg-buildpackage
 c) a complete wrapper around dpkg-buildpackage, by passing on *all*
    options of dpkg-buildpackage.

	The credit should really go to Lars Wirzenius and Ian Jackson,
 since this borrows from their work. If there is enough interest, I
 could package this up. (Oh, this is a sh script, and only needs
 dpkg-dev, no perl ;-)


__> cvs-buildpackage -h
Debian GNU/Linux cvs-buildpackage 1.01.  Copyright (C) 1997 Manoj
Srivastava.  This is free software; see the GNU General Public Licence
version 2 or later for copying conditions.  There is NO warranty.

Usage: cvs-buildpackage  [options]
    -M<CVS module> The name of the CVS module, if different from the
                   package name.
    -W<src dir>    Root of the source dir. We expect to find the
                   orig.tar.gz file under <src dir>/package name>/
    -n             No action taken
    -d             Turn on Debugging output
The rest are passed to dpkg-buildpackage.
    -us           unsigned source
    -uc           unsigned changes
    -a<arch>      architecture field of the changes _file_name_
    -b            binary-only, do not build source } also passed to
    -B            binary-only, no arch-indep files } dpkg-genchanges
    -v<version>   changes since version <version>      }
    -m<maint>     maintainer for release is <maint>    } only passed
    -C<descfile>  changes are described in <descfile>  }  to dpkg-
    -si (default) src includes orig for rev. 0 or 1    } genchanges
    -sa           uploaded src always includes orig    }
    -sd           uploaded src is diff and .dsc only   }
    -tc           clean source tree when finished
    -h            print this message
 This is a wrapper for dpkg-buildpackage, and derives the option
 parsing from it.

__> cvs-buildpackage -n -rsudo -d
sversion=3.31 uversion=3.31 tversion=



sudo rm -rf .orig
cvs export -d /usr/local/src/Package/kernel-package/kernel-package-3.31 -r debian_version_3.31 kernel-package
cd /usr/local/src/Package/kernel-package/kernel-package-3.31
dpkg-buildpackage -rsudo
__> cvs-buildpackage -n -rsudo 
sudo rm -rf .orig
cvs export -d /usr/local/src/Package/kernel-package/kernel-package-3.31 -r debian_version_3.31 kernel-package
cd /usr/local/src/Package/kernel-package/kernel-package-3.31
dpkg-buildpackage -rsudo

 "Draft politicians, not human beings." antidraft slogan coined by
 Jeff Daiell, 1979
Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
Mobile, Alabama USA            <url:http://www.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/>

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