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Re: Using CVS for package development

On May 26, Manoj Srivastava wrote
> Hi,
> 	I would really like to get into using CVS for my package
>  development tree, but I have been held back by the hassle of
>  releasing packages. I have no problems testing packages with
>  ./debian/rules binary
>  and I always used dpkg-buildpackage for the last step, so I have
>  written a script (cvs-buildpackage?) which exports things from CVS to
>  a directory where I keep the upstream version files, and runs
>  dpkg-buildpackage. 

great. since i meet other debian developers at the linux congress, i my
a big friend of a cvs server with all debian packages. does anyone have
a server with enough hard disks and a good conection to run it ?
this could make some things much easier (i don't want to download the
whole source and diffs, to look at two or three files). also it would
help to coordinate updates (think of the menu package - this way we
could have send diffs direct to the maintainer).

there are also situations where several developers have to work
together. a cvs tree is a big help in such cases. and if more than one
people wants to work on a package, then you cannot work without an cvs

regards, andreas

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