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Re: stumped with source package problem

joost witteveen:
> Didn't you already file a bug against dpkg/patch for this, noticing that
> it it was patch-2.2 that caused this?

I filed the bug after this message. Yes, that's what it appears to be.

> Anyway, to help you with something else (see debian-bugs), I also
> tried to unpack xkobo, and only succeded after downgrading my patch-2.2
> (unstable) to patch-2.1 (from bo). Probably the real bug is in dpkg, though.

It is. Patch has changed some syntax.. You can fix it in dpkg-dev with this
little patch:

--- dpkg-source.orig    Thu May 22 12:20:35 1997
+++ dpkg-source Thu May 22 12:20:14 1997
@@ -598,7 +598,7 @@
             open(STDIN,"<&GZIP") || &syserr("reopen gzip for patch");
             chdir($newdirectory) || &syserr("chdir to $newdirectory for patch");
-                 '-V','never','-b','.dpkg-orig');
+                 '-V','never','-z','.dpkg-orig');
             &syserr("exec patch");

See shy Jo.

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