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timezone bug is _critical_

Hi folks!

I have the impression that we have a consensus about considering the 20
seconds offset as a bug and that this bug is _critical_, since it affects
the compatibility of Debian 1.3 to older versions and to other systems.

This bug will be solved in hamm as a sideeffect of the move to libc6, but
we'll have to solve the problem for Debian 1.3 first!

I currently see two options:

a) move the timezone package from "rex-fixed" into "bo"

b) fix the current timezone package

AFAIK the current timezone package has >= 23 open bugs (!) and I haven't
seen any mails from the maintainer, Fernando Alegre
<alegre@superlink.net>, here. Does someone know if he's still with us and
if he's currently busy? 

Perhaps someone else could fix this package for him. Note that the release
is coming soon... (I don't volunteer for this since I don't know any
details about the timezone package and I guess we have a lot of experts

Brian, do you still consider this bug is "not release critical"? IMHO you
are the only one...

Thanks for your time,


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