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Re: timezone bug is _critical_

bcwhite@verisim.com (Brian White)  wrote on 01.05.97 in <3368A966.217F4173@verisim.com>:

> I _want_ this to get fixed, but I'm not going to punish 200+ other
> maintainers who did get their packages done on time for a 20 second
> error that most people won't even notice.

I'm not so sure. For example, I *did* notice some wierd time problem with  
mirroring the Debian distribution. I didn't even think this could be  
related to a bug in the timezone package, but thinking back about the  
symptoms, that could easily have been the reason.

If I hadn't noticed it, I would have refetched the complete distribution.

The problem with bugs like these is that people just don't make the  
connection. That doesn't mean it's just "a minor annoyance", though.

> You have 10 days to get this fixed which is more than enough time.
> If people would stop complaining about how it should be critical and
> just fix it, then this wouldn't be a problem.

This can, of course, be said about every critical bug. Does that mean we  
don't need think about which bugs are critical?

MfG Kai

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