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Re: timezone bug is _critical_

> I have the impression that we have a consensus about considering the 20
> seconds offset as a bug and that this bug is _critical_, since it affects
> the compatibility of Debian 1.3 to older versions and to other systems.

I've forwarded this to the debian-qa list.

> Brian, do you still consider this bug is "not release critical"?

Correct.  This was a minor annoyance that few people had ever even
noticed, let alone complained about.  The fact that nobody raised
a stink about it until right around the time Bo was originally to
be released does not give it much weight in the "serious" department.

I _want_ this to get fixed, but I'm not going to punish 200+ other
maintainers who did get their packages done on time for a 20 second
error that most people won't even notice.

You have 10 days to get this fixed which is more than enough time.
If people would stop complaining about how it should be critical and
just fix it, then this wouldn't be a problem.

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