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Re: Freezing Bo (Debian 1.3)

> Does anybody have any concerns that must be addressed before the freeze?
> Once frozen, only bug fixes will be allowed into the distribution.  Only
> under special circumstances will new code be allowed!

I just finished a complete update from 1.2 to unstable (a cd burned 
monday from ftp.leidenuniv.nl, don't know how up-to-date that mirror is), 
and had some trouble I would like to mention. I did not check the 
bug-list on this yet, so you might know these points already.

I couldn't install the new perl-packages (5.007-?) and bash2.0, because 
of a pre-dependency on libdl1, which is not available (at least not to 
me). Also couldn't find a package that provides this.

There are some packages that are unpacked more than once. I noticed ppp 
going from 2.2.0f-20 to 2.2.0f-21 back to 2.2.0f-20 in *one* run of 
dselect. Similar things with checker, pine and indent (dpkg tells more 
than one copy of them have been unpacked in the same run of dpkg).

apache was suddenly removed, while I did not select it for removal.

My serial ports were messed up after the update (I did not do a reboot). 
After rebooting things were OK again (I have a modified 

I had libhistory-2.0, and now had a program complaining about not finding 
libhistory.so.2.0. In fact there is no such file/symlink. There is a 
.so.2 symlink, and I think that a previous version of libhistory forgot 
to make this link, so programs that where linked while this older version 
was installed all expect to find .so.2.0. I now made a symlink by hand.

Same thing for libMagick. I caught this while installing, ldconfig 
complained. There was a dangling symlink libMagick.so.3.7, and no 
libMagick.so.3.8 symlink. Also corrected by hand.

Well, that's about it. Ah, I do have a question. I now have several 
'obsolete' packages for which I'm a bit afraid to remove. Most noticably, 
package 'base'. Can I remove/purge these packages without fearing I loose 
/etc/passwd and such?

Hope this is helpfull info,


|     Maarten Boekhold, Faculty of Electrical Engineering TU Delft,   NL    |
|        M.Boekhold@et.tudelft.nl   boekhold@gopher.library.tudelft.nl      |

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