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Re: Freezing Bo (Debian 1.3)

On 26 Feb 1997, Guy Maor wrote:

> Chris Walker <cjw1006@hermes.cam.ac.uk> writes:
> > There was a fair amount of talk about putting non-free and contrib under 
> > stable/unstable.
> It will be done in the next unstable because otherwise mirrors will
> have to reget hundreds of megs.

How it will be done? I remember to hear about 2-3 schemes

  /(un)stable +- base
             +  ...<other sections>
             +- non-free
             +- contrib

2) (who didn't divided non-free and contrib)
   /stable + sections
   /unstable + sections
   /non-free + sections
   /contrib + sections

3) (mix of the two)
  /stable (as it is now)
  /unstable (as it is now)
  /non-free-stable + sections
  /non-free-unstable + sections
  /contrib-stable + sections
  /contrib-unstable + stable

I has tendance to reject the first because it mixes sectionning and
distributions (For the purpose of this mail, I call distribution any of
this one: the main-free-distribution, contrib, non-free, local and

The second simply doesn't divided the stable/unstable thing in non-free 
and contrib.

The third is little bit encumber. Don't forget I doesn't included non-us 
or local in this (or any other "distribution" people could want to add).

Another scheme could be:

           +non-us(+sections? may be)




The first one has the advantage (or disadvantage) to keep non-free and 
contrib (and any other "distribution") synchronized with the official 

The second one allow more flexibility in distributing (we might, by 
example, a Debian/RedHat distribution ;) and keep them synchronize with 

Also, didn't we decided to have a tested distribution or this is also in 
discussion? Vincent?

Ok, that's just my 2 pennies. Any comment are welcome, which one did 
you preferred?

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