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Re: Freezing Bo (Debian 1.3)

Maarten Boekhold writes:
> > Does anybody have any concerns that must be addressed before the freeze?
> > Once frozen, only bug fixes will be allowed into the distribution.  Only
> > under special circumstances will new code be allowed!
> I just finished a complete update from 1.2 to unstable (a cd burned 
> monday from ftp.leidenuniv.nl, don't know how up-to-date that mirror is), 
> and had some trouble I would like to mention. I did not check the 
> bug-list on this yet, so you might know these points already.
> I couldn't install the new perl-packages (5.007-?) and bash2.0, because 
> of a pre-dependency on libdl1, which is not available (at least not to 
> me). Also couldn't find a package that provides this.

One user here has reported exactly the same with rex-fixed.

Interestingly libdl1 is provided by libc5.  But dselect failed installing



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