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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

On 08 Jan 1997 16:32:00 CST Guy Maor (maor@ece.utexas.edu) wrote:

> Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> writes:
> > I've been asking for the division of non-free and contrib into
> > unstable/stable subsections for two months. What's the status of
> > this ?
> It's bit more work than a wave of my magic wand.  I posted several
> times if anybody had any suggestions, but was ignored:

Agreed. Sorry if my question was a little bit aggressive...

> How would the .changes file indicate that a package would go in the
> stable or unstable section on non-free?  How to organize the ftp
> hierarchy in a manner that is backwards compatible, does not involve
> moving files around, and still relatively simple?  I've been loathe to
> do this because of the added complexity.

Change file:
We could use the Distribution: field to use non-free-stable, 
non-free-unstable and non-free-frozen (and the same for contrib).

We could create the following directories into non-free:
in addition to the binary, source, etc directories and symlink all 
the existing packages into this new sub-hierarchy. Newly uploaded 
packages could go into the new hierarchy and the corresponding 
package deleted from the old hierarchy.


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