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Policy: dealing with bugs

I'd like to propose the following addition to the policy manual
(in chapter 6, "Procedure"):

	<sect>Dealing with bugs
	<p>When a bug is reported in your package, check that
	you can duplicate it as quickly as possible. If you
	can't duplicate it, ask for more information.  If you
	can duplicate it, send a message to the bug system
	stating so. This will make it clear to everyone that
	the bug is real and that the maintainer is working on it.
	Then proceed to fix the bug. 

	<p>Once you have fixed the bug, leave it open in the
	bug system until you have uploaded the next version of
	the package, and it has been installed into the main
	ftp site. This makes sure that the person who reported
	the bug can immediately download it and check that the
	bug is indeed fixed.

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