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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

Guy Maor writes:

> How would the .changes file indicate that a package would go in the
> stable or unstable section on non-free?  How to organize the ftp
> hierarchy in a manner that is backwards compatible, does not involve
> moving files around, and still relatively simple?  I've been loathe to
> do this because of the added complexity.

What do you think about

Distribution: stable/unstable/frozen
Section: base/admin/non-free/contrib

And Guys intelligent scripts notices that non-free and contrib
don't go beneath the bo or rex directory.

I believe at the moment the section field is skipped and the section
is mentioned in the files section:
                5c80c97a52b55bf5375774a593f65911 192588 editors - ed-0.2-8.tar.gz

If non-free is used here, then the distribution header is skipped
or am I mistaken?


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