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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

On 05/03/2015 12:24 PM, suso.baleato@gmail.com wrote:
> I am devastated.
> In trying to understand the role of sexism in the game community, I
> have discovered that this is not an isolated issue of this game:

Maybe you didn't notice, but Debian is *not* a gaming community.

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexism_in_video_gaming
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamergate_controversy
> According to the press and other articles in the Wikipedia, gender 
> identities other than the "implicit heterosexual" have been object
> of doxxing and threats of rape and death in the gaming community.
> Not only women have been attacked, this included transgender
> identities as well:
> http://gamepolitics.com/2015/04/27/dolphin-developer-rachel-bryk-passes-away
>  I am shocked. This was completely unexpected to me.

Well, also we aren't GamersGate nor do we threat with rape or death
people that aren't heterosexuals.

> Distributing sexist software contributes to foster sexism. It is
> more women, more transgender, more gay, asexual, bisexual, latino,
> black, asiatic, whatever contributors what we need to grow because
> that is the only way to access the knowledge they have about what
> society needs, and also to increasingly reduce the harm caused by
> sexist behavior among us. I do not want Debian to be characterized
> as a sexist distribution.

Yeah, we maybe should also be offended by bible stuff in Debian, or by
Islamic stuff in Debian, and force the community to remove that or
foster books for those who worship the devil, or pagans or voodoo. And
then, what we'll do with atheist - maybe all that religion in Debian
is offending them. And you are way out of line with calling
supertuxkart a sexist software - just don't install the game and
please move this topic to upstream, because Debian is allowed to be
used by those who protest against abortion but also by abortion clinic
- you do not have the right to choose right on wrong for every single
member of community.

> Programming a sexualised adolescent just to show off her body: it
> is difficult to find a more expressive example of sexism.
> Privileging the "implicitly heterosexual" male gaze, as that
> release of the game does, is clearly against the Debian Diversity
> Statement, as any sexist behavior is.

First of all, Debian is not the creator of supertuxkart and your
judgment is way too annoying. And I am very much offended by your and
others constant implications of "white male heterosexuals" as we are
somekind freaks of nature and everyone else is so good. Again, the
game is not Debian specific, members of community didn't express any
sexism (except you all who are talking about white male heterosexuals
in negative connotation).

> I support debugging sexism from Debian. I will be happy to
> contribute to that goal.

By removing content that vast majority don't see a problem in it, you
aren't debugging sexism, you are labeling that art you don't like is
not welcomed in Debian.


Its not the COST, its the VALUE

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