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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

Zlatan Todoric escreveu:

> And I am very much offended by your and others constant implications
> of "white male heterosexuals" as we are somekind freaks of nature
> and everyone else is so good.

If this is what my words have at any point meant, then please let me ask
for sincere apologies to all of you.

I am proud of Debian, so I am proud of all of you, Debian developers. 
You are doing and incredibly valuable job. You are doing something that
I would not be able to do. You are smarter, or at least, more skilled
than I am. I truly appreciate and admire your work. I have enjoyed such
a stable and versatile system for years, and I pay my bills thanks to
all of you, guys. Thanks for that.

Same as (most of) you, I am that kind of heterosexual male involved in
techie things. I know what means suffering the stereotype of being a
masturbating women-seeking freak. I am in my forties, and it is still
the same thing. If dealing with our own sexuality is a hard thing, those
stupid stereotypes makes things even worst. Do we want to fight those
stereotypes? Then let's set up an alliance with those whom have been
working precisely on that for decades: women. They are not so far
away in our case, thanks to the initiative (and infinite patience...) of
Debian developers like Miriam, Amaya and many others in debian-women.

That is my take away for all this mess.

And now, please, let's stop mutually sucking our dicks [0], and let's
return to do some productive work.

Enjoy, (-;{ 

[0] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjDkYYmr_Wo

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