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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

beuc@debian.org escrebeu:
> Debian has already quite its share of heated debate around sexism,
> enough for me to unsubscribe from various lists to keep my sanity, so

The fact is that sexist behavior produces rejection in modern societies.
Debian is not an isolated bubble floating in some ivory tower. As long
as sexist behavior emerges in Debian, conflict will escalate as well.

That is the source of these debates, not histeric feminists.

> I'd like to keep this debate where it belongs: upstream.

It was the lack of a solution there which brought the debate here. 
Thanks to this debate we learnt about  the existence of that problem.
Suggesting solutions to the games community could help to solve the
problem and quickly solve this kind of situations in the future.

- One option would be to require some manual enabling to display those
  sexualized adolescents, similarly as other packages do for unsafe
  options. STK --sexist, or something similar.

- We have the main, non-free and contrib archive areas. Couldn't be
  added a 'freedom as in porn', 'intrinsically heterosexual', 'weirdo'
  or similar one? That would be a safe and practical way to allow
  inclusion of such controversial stuff in the medium term.

- Myriam's option is also a possibility, but I am not very convinced. No
  disclaimer will impede the game to be played by the unattended kid.

- Not sure what is the solution proposed by Vincent. He participates in
  that games community I think (sorry if I am wrong) he knows better
  about the feasibility of those options.

I hope that the gaming developers can take all this as positive
input. You are doing an amazing job guys! In my case I owe you many
great hours of blockout, what an awesome artwork! Many thanks for

> Save for legally-sensitive material such as recently-discussed
> pedophily, every Free game is welcome in Debian IMHO.

Pedophilic or not, a sexualized adolescent depicted following the
standards of Hentai porn characters in a kids' game is too much to be
ignored, sorry.

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