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Re: Debian Games Team website

Hi Alexandre,

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 01:38:56AM -0300, Alexandre Dantas wrote:
> Hi Andreas!
> I just made an account at Alioth and requested to join the team.

I have no idea what team you applied for (perhaps Games which is surely
not wrong) but it was not for "Debian Pure Blends".  But I added
alexdantas-guest manually so you now have commit permissions to the
Blends web sentinel Git.

> I have a strong interest on games, free software, Linux in general
> and game development - although lately I spend more time programming
> games than playing them. :(

Why :(.  I'd consider it a quite cool move! :-)
> * Improving the Games Team homepage
>   - Modernize its looks
>   - Make it more appealing to first-time users
>   - Make it contain more information on the games

I really appreciate this.  I think Debian in general is lacking this
kind of work and it is very important that people consider this as a
high priority task.

> * Maintain games on Debian
>   - Provide screenshots


>   - Update ancient packages
>     . Refresh metadata on 'debian/control'

... so config model editor is your friend. :-)

>     . Contact upstreams that apparently
>       abandoned their projects


>     . Bring ancient codebases to VCSs


>     . Make Homepages for games that don't
>       have one
> * Improve visibility of games on the terminal
>   - Make a neat page showcasing all terminal
>     games on Debian
>   - Incentive people to try them
>   - Bring more of those gems to the official
>     repository
> In the end, I'd be happy if I could attract more people to contribute
> to the games team.

All items on your list sound like very important contributions to me.

Thanks for you introduction



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