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Debian Games Blend: development tasks

Hi all,

I'm currently experimenting with some new tasks for the Games Blend to
facilitate the development of games in different programming languages.
For now I have created:




I would like to hear your opinion about these tasks. Do you miss
something like libraries, editors or tools? What kind of development
packages would you prefer? The general idea is to suggest several
IDEs/editors and recommend important libs and packages for games
development but keep out everything else that is not specifically
related to games. You can also suggest packages that are not in Debian yet.

I think python-dev is relatively simple (it's all about python-pygame,
isn't it ;) ).

I'm also going to ask on debian-java for more input about java-dev.

Contributions in the form of commits are much appreciated but please
keep in mind that this Blend does not recommend or suggest packages from
contrib or non-free because I think we should focus on Debian's core
brand. However we could create a specific task like
»games-how-can-I-help« which in turn would then include links and
suggestions to packages in contrib desperately in need for free data.

I'm also thinking about introducing »games-perl-dev« and a separate task
for pulling in -data-packages with assets like images, textures or sound
files. Feedback is welcome.



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