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Re: Debian Games Team website

Hey Andreas, thanks for replying!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I was also thinking of improving the blends website, but didn't know
how to do it. Making a homepage for the Games team seemed like a
good start but, as other have pointed out, there might be duplicated
information between them.

So I'll help Markus in any way I can, to make the Blends pages more
presentable; and possibly including more functionality no the back-end.
I'd love to tweak the graphics a little bit too!

I'll just have to figure out how could I actually make those changes.
As you said on another message, should I get a local UDD with
the blends repository and make experiments locally?

Since I'm not part of the team, I guess my changes will need to be
evaluated first. So, how could I show my attempts to you guys for
evaluation? Should I forward them here, with my copy of the Git

Also, I'll work something out based on the Debian homepage colors
and fonts. At least it should have the logo and some pointers to
Debian as a whole.
On this case, CSS tips and corrections from Nils Dagsson would be
highly appreciated!

Alexandre Dantas

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