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Re: Debian Games Team website

Hi Alexandre,

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 12:47:53AM -0300, Alexandre Dantas wrote:
> Hello, people from the Debian Games Team!
> I just saw the "Get Involved" page from the Wiki and decided to
> contribute with a homepage for the team.

> If anyone wants to see some previous work, here's some links to sites
> I made. I'm used to making small, one-page sites with Bootstrap and
> diverse jQuery plugins. I also make static websites with Jekyll
> and Awestruct - I could make something similar to any one of those,
> if required.
> [0][1][2][3]
> So, back to the team website; I made a draft that anyone can see live
> here[4] and the entire code is available on a Git repository[5].

> I took some of the content off the `pkg-games` Alioth page[6] and links
> from the wiki. Everything's temporary and I encourage everyone to
> tell me what information should be on the site and where would it
> fit best.
> The site's appearance is also temporary. On the right part of the
> navigation bar there's an option "Change Theme". You can select over
> several themes and decide which one you think fits best the page.
> Then the team can decide the final alternative.
> Since the wiki pointed to two possible logos, I placed them both on
> the site. A minor tweak - if you click on a logo it disappears.
> So you could compare which one you think looks better on the page.
> I'm excited to hear your suggestions and change this page until it
> fits the team. Direct contributors to the Git repository would also
> be appreciated.

Looks pretty good.  I would like to see something like this in place of


which is quite poor.  You might consider including the graphs there in
your website to answer the question who is in the team.  Remark:  I
have no idea what you think about graphs like these and there are options
to tweak the graphs (regarding number of people shown (currently top 10)
and colors used).

In general I would like a more Debian-ish theme which is oriented on the
colors / fonts of the Debian page (www.debian.org).  I would not claim
the Debian home page as an example for up to date web design but somehow
the Debian Games page should reflect the design in some way.

I would be also happy if we could take over the new design for other
Blends under blends.debian.org.

Thanks a lot for your inspiring work


> [0]: http://nsnake.alexdantas.net/
> [1]: http://quickpress.alexdantas.net/
> [2]: http://dogescript.com/
> [3]: http://www.bpkg.io/
> [4]: http://alexdantas.github.io/pkg-games.homepage/
> [5]: https://github.com/alexdantas/pkg-games.homepage
> [6]: http://pkg-games.alioth.debian.org/
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