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Re: Debian Games Team website

On Thu, 14. Aug 15:54 Alexandre Dantas <eu@alexdantas.net> wrote:
> Hey Markus, thanks for replying!
> I made some changes according to your suggestions and minor tweaks:

You're welcome.

> - The homepage has a "Featured Game" section, showing information
>   on a specific game. It's currently written by hand, but will be
>   a template to whatever game the server selects.

Great. I likes.

> - I've also added more pages, according to the links you pointed out.
>   There's "Tasks"[0], with a dummy content based on the package list
>   and "Statistics"[1], with the contents of the current statistics page.
>   - About the "Tasks" page, I did not add the entire contents of the
>     task lists; it's merely an example. The links on the Table of
>     Contents work (at least for "Adventure" and "Tetris") and it
>     would be nice for the server to count how many

I think once we roughly know what we want, we can quite easily change the
CSS and markup of the web sentinel (the task pages) and bring them into line
with your bootstrap design.

Those pages are auto-generated and you can find everything website
related here:


The Debian Games Blend is maintained at


This repository contains the "raw" information, so what game or tool belongs to what task.

I really like the modern HTML5/Bootstrap design and I'm already using it
for one of my own private projects. +1 from me

> - When you choose a theme it gets applied to all pages through a
>   Javascript-placed cookie. The new Debian tracker page uses it too,
>   so I thought "why not"?
>   - Speaking of theme selection, I intended to leave it temporarily
>     so everyone at the Games Team could agree on the best theme.
>     I didn't think of leaving it to the user, but if this is
>     something you guys prefer then ok.

Yeah, that was just an idea. I wouldn't mind if users were able to
modify the stylesheets later but of course we should find a sane default
theme. If in doubt let's stick with Bootstrap's white default theme for
the moment. You can't go wrong with that.

>     In the end we'll make the server directly provide the stylesheets
>     though (instead of relying on Javascript on a per-page basis).

Good idea. Having the server deliver and caching the static content is better
for the performance anyway.


> I totally agree on the contest idea. I could make a page specifically
> to promote it, with current submissions and ideas.
> As of the logo, I prefer the Joystick one :P

Hmm, to be honest I'm not sure if the joystick logo complies with Debian's trademark
policy at all because the swirl is hardly recognizable. https://www.debian.org/trademark
I like the contest idea but perhaps we should postpone it until we have
the basic design ready and all our content (task pages, images, statistics,
etc.) is already integrated. But then I'm all for a simple static page with
rules and a huge countdown. :)

> Finally, as the complexity (and page number) of this site grows, I
> start to wonder how would it be implemented on the back-end.
> I suppose all the other Debian pages uses PHP, so I'd like to know
> more about the server-side API that gets information from the
> Bugs/Track/Tasks/Wiki pages.
> As soon as I get that I can upload the site and model it to show
> real-time information on the Games Team.

The back-end is mostly written in Python and it uses UDD extensively.
But others here on the list are more familiar with it.


So all in all it looks very promising :)



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