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Re: RFS: zsnes (ITA)

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 7:50 PM, Etienne Millon
<etienne.millon@gmail.com> wrote:
> I will address these points and prepare a new version for inclusion in
> unstable.


>>   * In the watchfile you add, you get the tar.bz2 file at source
>> forge. While that is clearly a good idea, it is not possible to use
>> the .tar.bz2 orig file for now without a source version bump, since
>> the source for that upstream version already exists in the archive
>> with the .orig file. If you really want to upload the .bz2 file, which
>> would probably be a good idea since that's the only thing upstream
>> provides, you may want to use a new fake upstream version such as
>> 1.510+bz2. That needs to use a dversionmangle magic in the watch file
> OK, I assume that the orig tarball had to be repackaged because at
> that time dpkg-source did not support bzip2 ?

  Yes. Those were dark times...

> Shall I change the
> compression method to bz2 for the .debian.tar too ? (in order to bring
> some harmony).

  This does not matter so much, especially since I'll have to rebuild
anyway. You may want to use the following in the

debian/source/options (or debian/source/local-options):
compression = "bzip2"
compression-level = 9

>>   Unfortunately, having znses in AMD64 will most probably result in a
>> huge drop of my productivity ;-)...
> It needs testing, so your bug reports will be welcomed.

  Don't worry, it'll get much too much testing considering the fre'e
time I currently have ;-)...



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