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[Q] are there standard ways in debian game team?


Recently, I happend to join local Debian users group in Japan.
This community consists of a few official Debian Developers and 
many people who like to use Debian.

Then they asked to me of the standard ways of debian game team about
following topics,

 [Q1] If no one can contact to  the upstream of game which people want
to make into debian packege,should he/she do next? (Ex. several times
he/she sent mails to the upstream,but no one response still now.) 

 [Q2] The upstream release much newer version,but no one can contact to
package maintener still now (for long time), should people do next to
make newer package?

 [Q3] If a open source game has some modules which is included unclear
about free or not,should I do next to make debian package?

 [Q4] If people uploads new game package to alioth and asks for the
sponsor in debian mentor group,but no one responds still now, he/she
should do next?

I would be glad to give any comments.

Thanks for advance.


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