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Reusing an (inofficial) soname for enet


in the past Debian's package for enet was patched to build a shared
library using the sonames libenet.so.1 and libenet.so.2 before switching
to a Debian-specific soname.

Now upstream has added support to build a shared library as well, using
the same soname (libenet.so.1 currently).  I am wondering what the best
way to handle this in Debian is:

a) do not change the soname, but use libenet1a for the package name.
   libenet1a will Conflict with the old libenet1;
b) use a Debian-specific soname for the current release.

Currently I prepared packages using option a), hoping there was nothing
linked against the old Debian-specific library.  However I recently
noticed that at least upstream's binary release of blockattack is linked
against this library :-/

In any case I plan to ask upstream to jump to libenet.so.3 for the next
ABI change.


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