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Re: RFS: zsnes (ITA)

On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 11:24:32PM +0100, Vincent Fourmond wrote:
>   As it was my suggestion, I feel it is on to me to take on this first
> sponsorship request - I'm also the last one to have uploaded it (ages
> ago).
>   I got the package from the pkg-games git repository.
>   I have to say that you did a really good job to get it back into
> shape. There are a few small detail points I'd like to comment on:


Thanks for your time !

I will address these points and prepare a new version for inclusion in
>   * In the watchfile you add, you get the tar.bz2 file at source
> forge. While that is clearly a good idea, it is not possible to use
> the .tar.bz2 orig file for now without a source version bump, since
> the source for that upstream version already exists in the archive
> with the .orig file. If you really want to upload the .bz2 file, which
> would probably be a good idea since that's the only thing upstream
> provides, you may want to use a new fake upstream version such as
> 1.510+bz2. That needs to use a dversionmangle magic in the watch file

OK, I assume that the orig tarball had to be repackaged because at
that time dpkg-source did not support bzip2 ? Shall I change the
compression method to bz2 for the .debian.tar too ? (in order to bring
some harmony).

>   * another small detail: in the
> 0007-removed-license-in-html-doc.patch, you remove the license.html
> file. This is not necessary: you only need to prevent its installation
> while redirecting the links to the correct system-wide location.

Thanks, I wasn't sure about how to proceed. This patch is obviously
not meant to be forwarded upstream so it makes perfectly sense.

>   * finally, you may want to be a bit more descriptive in your patch
> descriptions, though I really cannot throw the first stone, since I'm
> really bad at this.

Indeed, it a bit short or empty. I will expand a little, at least
enough to provide upstream a bit of context.

>   Unfortunately, having znses in AMD64 will most probably result in a
> huge drop of my productivity ;-)...

It needs testing, so your bug reports will be welcomed.

> PS: there are still quite a few bugs, but I'll let you tackle them
> once this first upload is dealt with.

You are right. As a priority I would like to clarify copyright
information (DEP-5 of course, and removing embedded libraries as
described in #544313).

Thanks a again and see you soon,

Etienne Millon

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