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Re: RFS: zsnes (ITA)

  Hello !

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 10:30 AM, Etienne Millon
<etienne.millon@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am currently adopting[1] zsnes, an emulator for the Super Nintendo
> Enternainment System (also known as the Super Famicom). This is the first
> package I intend to maintain so I am glad to join Debian.
> Vincent Fourmond <fourmond@debian.org> (former uploader of this package) advised
> me to join the Games team. It seems a good idea to me as this is my first
> package. I will be pleased to help with other packages.

  As it was my suggestion, I feel it is on to me to take on this first
sponsorship request - I'm also the last one to have uploaded it (ages

  I got the package from the pkg-games git repository.

  I have to say that you did a really good job to get it back into
shape. There are a few small detail points I'd like to comment on:

  * In the watchfile you add, you get the tar.bz2 file at source
forge. While that is clearly a good idea, it is not possible to use
the .tar.bz2 orig file for now without a source version bump, since
the source for that upstream version already exists in the archive
with the .orig file. If you really want to upload the .bz2 file, which
would probably be a good idea since that's the only thing upstream
provides, you may want to use a new fake upstream version such as
1.510+bz2. That needs to use a dversionmangle magic in the watch file

  * another small detail: in the
0007-removed-license-in-html-doc.patch, you remove the license.html
file. This is not necessary: you only need to prevent its installation
while redirecting the links to the correct system-wide location.

  * finally, you may want to be a bit more descriptive in your patch
descriptions, though I really cannot throw the first stone, since I'm
really bad at this.

  Apart from these small details, I must say you've done a good job,
and I'll be glad to upload the package once the first two points are

  Unfortunately, having znses in AMD64 will most probably result in a
huge drop of my productivity ;-)...

  Cheers, and thanks for taking care of the mess ZSNES was in !


PS: there are still quite a few bugs, but I'll let you tackle them
once this first upload is dealt with.

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