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Re: Git vs SVN

On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 19:44, Miriam Ruiz <miriam@debian.org> wrote:

> Any other thoughts on this from the rest of the people?

Attaching my thoughts here as answering in the various mails
is confusing for both you and me.

No objection from me to move to git, but a few things must be done
to ease transistion, imo.

1) Step-by-step 'from svn-buildpackage to git-buildpackage' tutorial
on the wiki. Svn history must be kept, of course.

2) Step-by-step 'from plain tarball to git-buildpackage' tutorial on the

3) Step-by-step 'from existing .deb (possibly with older versions
of the debs) to git-buildpackage' tutorial on the wiki.

4) A config template that will allow people to use git as a central
repo. Keeping a local one is fine, but I want all changes to be
submitted immediately.

* 1-3 ensure we can move all and every possible package into the
main repo.
* Should we keep all packages in one huge repository? This would
be a good opportunity to split them all into seperate repos, imo. As
git supports meta-repo of other repos, you can still easily grab the
whole thing if you want to.
* Fosdem might be a good opportunity to further increase the reach
of git-buildpackage. A talk with good tutorials etc would be a good
download and a permanent reference. Both the slides and the video
depending on what the guy or gal grabbing the tutorial might want.
As Fosdem has had great video service by a very dedicated team
of Debian people, said talk and the production quality would be
very nice, I think.


PS: Who will attend Fosdem? We might be able to do more
chatting than Miry's and my 'Hi, I am RichiH' 'Hi, I am Miriam'
'OK, we both need to leave now as we are in a hurry' last year :)

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