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Re: Git vs SVN

Eddy Petrișor a scris:
> 2008/11/10 Barry deFreese <bdefreese@verizon.net>:
>> Eddy Petrișor wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>>> Understood and thanks.  I guess what I'm really struggling with is that I
>>>> just don't know git well enough yet to make an informed decision about
>>>> it's
>>>> usage.
>>>> I need a mentor! :)
>>> What would you like to know? Maybe we should continue this
>>> conversation on IRC. I am confident that you'll find KiBi, myself and
>>> Rhonda good enough to explain/tutor your git usage.
>>> Still, I recommend you try to follow one of the multiple git tutorials
>>> out there and try to stick with git for a week or so. If properly
>>> done, I'm sure you'll fall in love.
>> Eddy,
>> I have already imported one into Git (gtkatlantic) so I've used the wiki and
>> know enough to be dangerous.
> Cool.
>> But, for example, some of the ones I'm looking
>> at like xbl (one of Joey Hess's packages)  is already in his git repo so I
>> pulled that.
> (I looked at that repo.)
>> But can I "easily" add the pristine-tar (or even upstream)
>> crap somehow and then get it into ours?
> (Ah, I see, Joey hasn't used an upstream branch, nor a pristine-tar branch.)
> It's quite easy, and there are multiple ways of doing it.
> The easiest way is to create a new repo, import upstream tarball, add
> joey's as a remote and merge the two branches to obtain the new master
> head.
> In detail:
> - create a new git repo and import the latest upstream version (or the
> last one that joey's repo holds)
> - make a new branch called "upstream"
> - delete the master branch

of course, this ^^^ step is duplicated later, my bad;
it should be ok to do the removal at any of two points.

> - while on the upstream branch, use pristine-tar commit to store the
> meta-data about the tarball you just imported
> - delete the master branch (you'll use joey's as master)

^^^^^^^^^^^duplicate here^^^^^^^^^^^^

> - add joey's repo as remote and fetch everything
> - checkout joey's master as your new local master branch
> - merge the upstream branch, making sure the master branch contents
> wins in the merge

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