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Re: Git vs SVN

2008/11/6 Barry deFreese <bdefreese@verizon.net>:
> Vincent Fourmond wrote:
>>  In any case, no one would think to drop support for SVN (too many
>> packages to convert for a more-than-dubious benefit for most of the

Vincent, could you expand on that "more-than-dubious" qualification of
the conversion to git?

I don't want to be *at*all* combative, I just want to understand which
benefit(s) you consider more-than-dubious for git?

I tend to believe that such qualifications come from misunderstanding
git's benefits or simply trying to use in the *exact* same manner as
SVN (which can be done, but doesn't unleash the real benfits of git).

>> members of the team) nor would it be good to drop git since it offers
>> so much more compared to SVN (at least as advocated by the git adepts,
>> but I now tend to think they're damn right !).
>>  So the debian games team will have both VCS, so please, choose
>> according to your own liking !

At least now we'll have both :-P

> Understood and thanks.  I guess what I'm really struggling with is that I
> just don't know git well enough yet to make an informed decision about it's
> usage.
> I need a mentor! :)

What would you like to know? Maybe we should continue this
conversation on IRC. I am confident that you'll find KiBi, myself and
Rhonda good enough to explain/tutor your git usage.

Still, I recommend you try to follow one of the multiple git tutorials
out there and try to stick with git for a week or so. If properly
done, I'm sure you'll fall in love.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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