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Re: Git vs SVN

2008/11/14 Eddy Petrișor <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com>:

> I also recommend the "Git - SVN Crash Course" and while some of the
> ("extra") command won't make sense initially, it can be more clear when you
> think that git thinks in terms of "my working copy contains the repo, too".
> All of the primary operations (commit, diff, checkout, tagging, branching)
> happen on local repo without any dialog with the remote server, but in order
> to publish those changes, an extra step is necessary, which involves talking
> to the server.

Thanks, I'll try to have a look at that :)

> Should we schedule some online tutorial/hands-on training in order to achieve
> more diffusion of git knowledge within the team?

Yup, that would definitely be a step forward. It might be good to do
something like, for example, take one of the packages currently in svn
and move it to git step by step in a wiki page or something like that,
in a practical way so everyone can learn without too much effort the
steps they would have to do for every transation.

> Maybe creating a wiki page with "how to release/new upstream/tag/etc"
> instructions for SVN and git, with a side-by-side comparison?

Yup, that would be great, it would make things easier.

> Are there any DGT live meetings scheduled in the next 3-6 months?
> Could we do that somehow?

We don't have any scheduled AFAIK, but it should be doable. It would
be interesting. I don't know if everyone could be there anyway
(timezones, and so) but I think it would be good to start deciding on
the next steps after Lenny. One of the goals might be to switch to
git, or not, but we might want to talk about it.

Any other thoughts on this from the rest of the people?


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