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Re: list of orphaned / RFA games

Uwe, et al,

Let me back up here a little. I cannot speak for the entire games team and probably already overstep my bounds since I'm not a DD or anything else. (Which goes back a little to the Uploaders policy thread).

Personally, if the team agrees, I'd be happy to inject ALL of the orphaned games into our repo.

I struggle with (and I have asked the QA folks the same question): What IS the criteria for package removal?

If the packages has bugs and is dead upstream, who's responsibility is it? To me (and I'm probably wrong here) a distribution is not responsible for upstream development. Take amphetamine as an example. I e-mailed the original author and he has no interest in it any longer. I haven't heard back yet from the person that was supposed to have picked up maintenance of it. I can't even find a good source for the original tarball.


Barry deFreese

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