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Re: list of orphaned / RFA games

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
On 10/01/08 at 18:40 +0100, Alain Baeckeroot wrote:
Le jeudi 10 janvier 2008, Lucas Nussbaum a écrit :
uligo -- tsumego (go problems) practice tool
The author says at http://www.u-go.net/uligo/ that he does not plan
to go on developing uligo, and suggest using http://gogrinder.sourceforge.net/
(java, GPL) as a replacement (why seems to be also very stable, and development
is nearly stopped since last release 1 year ago)

From my experience Uligo is a very stable tool, which does exactly what is
needed so it would be nice to keep it in next release.

What can i do for helping to keep uligo ?

Adopt it. Retitle the bug from O: to ITA:, and prepare an updated
package. If it's a game, it might help to do that inside the games team,
so you can easily get feedback and help.
Hmm, actually there is an ITA out there already it seems.


Barry deFreese

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