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Re: list of orphaned / RFA games

On 10/01/08 at 14:42 -0500, Barry deFreese wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Sorry for the long e-mail but I've done a little more digging.

I forgot to mention that I selected packages that matched "game" in
apt-cache show. Not necessarly packages with Section: games.

> >falconseye -- A port of NetHack using SDL
> Looks nice.  Lots of upstream bugs.  Upstream inactive.

Erm... games that look nice are always a problem.

> >scottfree -- Interpreter for Adventure International games
> No upstream update since 1998?  Removal?

Ack, RMed

> >pydance -- dancing simulation game similar to the kind in arcades
> >pydance-music -- Songs and step patterns for pydance
> I'll probably pick these up and ping Alan Woodland (he had done an ITA at 
> one point). Unless someone thinks the python team makes more sense?

What's the difference between this one and stepmania ? Ok, stepmania is
still an ITP (#200715 !)

> >sarien -- An interpreter for AGI resources
> Probably should be removed.  Sounds like scummvm has replaced it.


> >quake2 -- improved version of id Software's Quake II engine
> I filed an ITA but should probably be removed.

ack, RM requested.

> >nagi -- game interpreter for Sierra Online (tm) AGI games
> Also replaced by scummvm?

RM requested.

> >quake2-data -- Installer for Quake II data files
> I'll see if Jon has an opinion on this one.

Erm, I understood that it installs the data file for Quake2, and is
useless if quake2 is not installed. But it doesn't depend on quake2. I
requested its removal with quake2, was I wrong?

> >inform -- A compiler for adventure games
> Probably to be removed.  See BTS.

I pinged someone who maintains an emacs mode for inform. Will see if he
is interested in adopting first.

> >pouetchess -- 3D chess game
> Probably should be removed.  We already have 3dchess and dreamchess which 
> at least work properly.

ack, RM requested.
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