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Re: list of orphaned / RFA games

Uwe Hermann wrote:
>> > >sarien -- An interpreter for AGI resources
>> >
>> > Probably should be removed.  Sounds like scummvm has replaced it.
>> requested.
> Did you check whether there are games which work in sarien but not in
> scummvm (yet)?

The scummvm code is a continuation of this codebase.

>> > >quake2 -- improved version of id Software's Quake II engine
>> >
>> > I filed an ITA but should probably be removed.
>> ack, RM requested.
> Is another quake2 engine available in Debian which you can use to play
> the original game data (and/or the shareware data)? I don't want this to
> be removed if there's no alternative. If nobody else steps up I might
> volunteer to maintain it.

No way, it's not acceptable to include known-insecure code in the
archive, even if it's in contrib and not supported with regular
security support.

It's not in Etch because of this and it will not be allowed into
Lenny either until all issues are fixed.

>> > >pouetchess -- 3D chess game
>> >
>> > Probably should be removed.  We already have 3dchess and dreamchess which 
>> > at least work properly.
>> ack, RM requested.
> NACK, ITA'd.

Did you even look at the package? It doesn't detect check mate properly,
it's early 0.2 alpha code.


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