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Re: list of orphaned / RFA games

2008/1/11, Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net>:

> Personally, if the team agrees, I'd be happy to inject ALL of the
> orphaned games into our repo.

I'd prefer to do it in a one-per-one basis instead of doing a massive
injection. For every orphaned game, if it's worth the effort of taking
care of it, we should file an ITA in the BTS and, if the package is
already in a good state, inject it into the BTS, and put whoever is
interested in it put their name into the Uploaders field. If it has
trivial bugs, pending transitions or so, we should try to upload a
newer version, otherwise it's OK to wait until something has to be

If we do a massive injection of orphaned packages, nobody will really
take care of them, which is not what we want. I'd prefer to deliver
some time to take care of each of the packages individually and not
all of them in a hurry. Packages need love and care.

Apart from that, if there are orphaned games that are worth keeping in
Debian, I think that's a task better suited for us than for the QA
team, which in fact might probably be overloaded with orphaned
packages in general, so yes, I'm in favor of the Team adopting them.


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