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Re: prboom icon removed

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> * Miriam Ruiz <little.miry@gmail.com> [2007-10-29 01:36:16 CET]:
>> 2007/10/28, Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at>:
>>>  I'm sorry, if this is the kind of quality and the sort of management
>>> the games team is looking for I propably will have to pull wesnoth from
>>> the svn again, because this is not the kind of quality approach that I
>>> can feel comfortable with or that I want to be associated with.
>> These kind of statement don't add anything positive to the thread, and
>> all you can get from them is to make us/me feel bad.
>  I'm pretty sorry, but given the long silence and nothing done to change
> the situation, and continued rather awkward commits from him... I'm
> sorry if it makes you feel bad, but it makes me even feel worse to have
> to consider these things.

Ok, please stop now. The specific problem is gone now. He is out.

Generic problem, I guess we should make it clear to new commers (and everybody
else, for that matter) that bad commits without answers to comments will not be
tolerated from now on.

Do you think my proposed solution (add people with a sponsor) is good enough?

Of course, if some background checking proves problems that could be a reason
for not accepting the person in the team. Personally, I prefer to judge a person
based on the contributions I can scrutinize myself.

>> I understand that this kind of whining is useful to release your inner
>> tensions about all this stuff, but it serves for nothing else.

No, Miriam, he is right. Almost everybody was plainly silent. If that means that
we don't have active "senior members" than we are in big trouble. If we don't
have people doing active reviews on the commits, than we have a problem. If we
are accepting people in without taking responsability about that person, then we
have a problem.

We shouldn't accept people in just for the sake of having man power. We should
be able to handle a bad committer much faster than we did with gothicx-guest.

>  It serves for making my position clear and not afterwards hear the
> whining "you only should have said something" - BTDT.

Ok, please stop. Under no circumstances I will stand and tolerate blame
shifting. If we are going to get to such a point in our life as a team, we might
as well disolve the team. I doubt anyone, including yourself, would go as low as
blaming others for a common failure.

I appreciate you raising your voice, now let's focus on a way to solve this issue.

>> All the constructive criticism you might want to bring is welcome, but
>> this is not such, as it does not add any constructive stuff about what
>> to do or how to handle this situalions, apart from giving the
>> impression that you feel that it's not worth finding a better solution
>> than to dissolve the team.
>  I am in no position to find a better solution, and what I brought up so
> far got ignored. Tell me what else you would expect from me.

You have been raised to the rank of admin :-) . No, this is not a way to say
"here, now let's see you do it better!". Instead is "I agree there are still few
of us and we still need help. Please help us!"

>  And sorry, but I am absolutely not convinced that just a bit talking
> with Kmos will resolve the issue, like you seem to. You seem to be
> happey to have him in the team - I am not, and this is what I tried to
> get through with the above statement.

Ok, I agree with you. I don't want him again anytime soon, unless I see real
improvement (and that would mean a lot now).

>  As you seem to be so happy to have him around ... well. :/

I think Miriam was thinking further than this single case without stating that

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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