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Re: doom policy: wiki or svn repository? (also: formats)

At 1148056758 past the epoch, Jamie Jones wrote:
> Thanks for starting this. If I may offer some suggestions
> and comments.

No problem. Please feel free!

> Speaking as a Doom engine packager[1] (though not in
> Debian), and as an upstream developer of a Doom engine[2].
> First, Does this only apply to "Doom", or all Doom engine
> games, including heretic and hexen based derivatives ?

Currently only doom as the derivative engines are not
suitable for inclusion in main or non-free with their
current licence, although I think it's worth considering the
implications on heretic and hexen (and derived) games should
their licence change (and I've been working on having their
licences change for some time).

> Re: Sections: Properly speaking, Id/Raven/Rouge IWADS
> would be non-free, and PWADS that prohibit modification
> would also be non-free.

That's true: I shall add some clarifications to the doc.

> Filesystem: doomu.wad has typically been used for ultimate
> doom, rather than udoom.wad. My wad installers use
> doomu.wad themselves.

So it has, yes. Actually, I think I've put udoom.wad down by
mistake :) I originally populated that list from the prboom
source (d_main.c, around line 142 with the 2.2.6 source).

You're quite correct, cph added doomu.wad support into
lxdoom and that was inherited into (at least) prboom and

> Regarding the alternatives system, I feel it is an
> over-engineered solution. Under your setup, it is
> impossible to play both doom2.wad from id software, and
> freedoom without changing the wad under alternatives

The alternatives system does not prevent you from selecting
an IWAD explicitly: it just means that if you apt-get
install a doom-engine and one of freedoom or a doom IWAD (by
whatever means), you don't have to specify -iwad to have the
engine "just work". For example, freedoom puts it's IWAD at

> (not something I'd expect a new user to do). I feel a
> better solution is simply to install freedoom as
> freedoom.wad.

The problem there is, if you have freedoom installed but not
an official doom, none of the ports will work without
explicitly specifying -iwad. Ideally someone can apt-get
install an engine and either freedoom or their own iwad and
fire up an engine without having to fiddle with -iwad
(unless they want to).

> PWAD installation:
> So that all engines can benefit from and utilise the
> pwads, I would like install the pwads like this
> /usr/share/games/doom/pwad-$GAME-$NAME for example
> /usr/share/games/doom/pwad-doom1-2002ado
> /usr/share/games/doom/pwad-doom2-av
> /usr/share/games/doom/pwad-hexen-caldera

Are those proposed directory names, or filenames?

Jon Dowland

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