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"#357897 - where is the source package?" or Reinforcing comaintainance

Hello all,

I was thinking that the main purpose of the Games Collective :-) is to
comaintain packages.
There are many games with bugs and it seems that Goneri is the only
one doing much work in the team's repository.

My personal feeling is that the concept of "ownership" of packages is
still present within the team.

I want to take this ocasion to afirm that from now on we should stop
this idea at once. Bugs are sitting in the BTS without nobody touching
them. I see this as a bad thing and we should fix it.

So I propose:
- Create a special zone in the repository for really egoistic people
:P who feel like not sharing the maintainership of the packages with
others; still bug fixes should not be reagrded as an intrusion (IMHO)
from others if:
   - an announcement like "I am going for #nnnnnn" has occured
   - there is no answer/opposition from the egoistic maintainers at
the said announcement
   - even if there was opposition there is no activity within 3 days
from the maintainer
- Everything else is assumed to be comaintained 100% (of course
working on the same package at a time should be arbitrated)
- Ask every maintainer which has "given" packages to the team, but has
not published via SVN the sources to revert the maintainer field or
publish the source package in the svn repo. This is more like a
request to decide if he/she is comaintaing the package or just
participates on the mailing list.

Please state your oppinion about these proposals.

Miriam, could you share the holotz-* sources in the repo so someone
can fix the bug in the title?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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