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Re: New artwork proposal for Wheezy

Am 09.03.2012 um 14:06 schrieb Eshat Cakar:

> it's great you submitting a proposal again. 

Thank you. This is good to read and really encouraging. 

> I love the details in the wallpaper and there are definitely great
> creative ideas, for example the way you describe "Debian GNU Linux 7
> stable".

Yes , I also like this one. I am especially proud of the word STABLE, which was made only from the letters in the original foto, where the sign reads "RCS Roll Engines". BTW I have improved the picture today (corrected some distorted perspective).

> Your wallpaper obviously is very detailed and contains a lot of
> elements. This might be a problem on the KDE desktop though, since it
> distracts the users, when having a lot of widgets.

You are right, KDE already comes with a lot of "eye-candy". This is what the KDE desktop would look like, if we use the simpler login-background as wallpaper:


> In Gnome 3 this is
> fine, since the desktop is plain by default, so having your
> wallpaper there gives it something exciting.

The Gnome 3 desktop is empty, unless you use the gnome tweak tool to have file functions back on the desktop...

> (One little advice: Put the "We will make the best system we can." in
> quotes or make the Debian social Contract non-italic and smaller)



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