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Re: Usermode splash screen/boot. what's the best approach?

Christoffer Sawicki wrote:
Knoppix does not really have a graphical boot,
although it is colorful :)

That's not completely true. If one boots Knoppix with a special flag it will show a bootsplash. I have worked a little on making it work nicely in Debian but I lost interest since I don't really want a bootsplash personally. I'm not sure in which state I left it but if anyone wants to pick it up I've uploaded it here:


Yeah, it's messy... But don't blame me. :-)

*/ Christoffer Sawicki <qerub@home.se>

Ahh right I remember that knoppix stuff now. It is basically a shell script that callse fbmngplay from the bootsplash stuff. It also uses some other apps to do things on the frame buffer. Usplash will be much better than it once it's done.

Matthew A. Nicholson

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